How's it work?

Once you sign up and become a monthly subscriber to Options Alert PROTM you will start to receive e-mail alerts from us. The alerts are very clear and tell you what  option to buy, the entry price, a target exit price and the anticipated return.  The following is an example e-mail alert:


ALERT - Buy to Open, SPY, Sept.  2015 $200  PUTS for $1.20 or less.  Target exit price $1.50. Targeted return of 35%


Extraordinary Returns

Up over 3,100% in 2015

Options Alert PROTM has developed advanced algorithms for options trading and options stratgies. Our trade indicators are derived from over 30 years of market experience and historical data. Our highly accurate market indicators identify a trend and an exit point on the S&P 500. In addition, it makes no difference if we are in an up or down market, our indicators provide results in either direction.  Further, we are not issuing hundreds of trade alerts - we are laser focused - typically you can expect to receive 4 to 8 alerts a month targeting on average 30% return on each alert.


Options Alert PROTM focuses on the SPY, an ETF of the S&P 500 with over $170 billion (AUM).  It offers traders a number of benefits to include extraordinary liquidity that allows traders to enter or exit a trade with ease, the ability for high level traders to trade in millions of dollars and unlike a stock it is not susceptible to an analyst downgrade.  


The S&P 500 is also perhaps the world's best known benchmark. First published in 1957, the cap-weighted index consists of 500 large cap U.S. stocks listed on either the NYSE or NASDAQ and has become a widely-followed barometer measuring the performance of the U.S. economy.


2015 Performance Data                                2014 Performance Data



Sept 22nd - SPY – Oct  21st - $215 Calls                   50%
Aug 26th - SPY - Sept 2nd $218 Puts                         20%
July 8th - SPY -Aug $216 Call                                       42%
June 28th - GOOGL July 2016 $700 Calls                42%
June 11th - EEM – July 2016 $34 Puts                      66%
June 6th - AAPL – June 2016 $97.50 Calls              38%
June 3rd - SPY – June 10th, 2016 $211 Calls          22%
May 23rd - NFLX – June 17th, 2016 $100 Calls      20%
May 16th - ABBV – June 17th, 2016 $60 Puts        32%
May 9th - GOOGL – June 2016 $725 Calls               47%