Highly Profitable Options Trading Alerts

What sets Options Alert PRO apart from other services?

2015 up over 3,100%
2014 up over 2,700%


Short Trade Duration - Provides Protection 

Most of our alerts exit in under 10 days and some the

same day. This means your funds are not tied up

for long periods making you less susceptible to

adverse events that are always occuring.


Market Direction - Does Not Matter 

Up or down - we provide profitable alerts. Our historical performance shows an almost equal number of alerts

for calls (up market) as for puts (down market). Our   proprietary technical analysis is highly accurate.


Focused on the SPY - Highly Liquid ETF

The SPY is the oldest and largest ETF. It provides a high

level of liquidity with over $170 billion (AUM).  Because

of its size, an investor can quickly enter and exit a

trade and it also allows for large investments.

Consistent Performance - High Returns

Please review our historic alerts and the results on

the Performance page of this website. We provide

timely and actionable alerts with predetermined 

exit points for consistent returns and profitability.

We don't play games by confusing you with multiple levels of service. We offer only one level of service to everyone! Everyone gets the same alerts at an incredible price.


Welcome to Options Alert PROTM home of the best performing options alerts and strategies in the industry. Once our algorithms and alerts were only available to proprietary trading firms. Now we have expanded to offer our news alerts to everyone. We consistently outperform all other services! For the first quarter of 2016 we are up 198%! Our proprietary algorithms are highly accurate, as our historic performance shows, and work regardless of market direction. For busy executives we offer auto trading of our alerts with two firms, AutoShares and Interactive Brokers via Global Trading please refer to our FAQ page. Options Alert PROTM focuses primarily on the SPY ETF which tracks the S&P 500. It is the oldest and one of the largest ETFs in the world with over $170 billion (AUM). Our dynamic financial data models and analysis tools provide a sustainable, competitive long-term advantage that has continually produced extraordinary results year after year. In 2014, our alerts resulted in an astounding return of 2,793% and over 3,100% in 2015. If you are looking for highly reliable and consistent profits trading options, then Options Alert PROTM is the solution.